I’m Krysta Olson

Your Health & Accountability Coach 

Improving health and well-being through accountability and customized nutrition, exercise, and mindset programs.

For the past 20 years, I’ve transformed men’s and women’s health as a pioneer online health coach and mindset specialist. I’m devoted to supporting people who’ve decided that they want to change their unsustainable dieting mentality and live their best life. 


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If I had one wish: It would be for every adult on the planet to experience the feeling of living in a strong body with good health for one year. Because then they would know why all the effort is worth it!

Things I’m currently into


Reading books – all kinds of books 

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Making sure I’m having fun on a consistent basis 


Exploring new places where I live


Rucking – my new favorite form of movement 

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Planning solo trips for myself

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Taking continuing education courses 

Time for change

Your turning point begins now

My Health Journey 

Didn’t Start Like Most Health Coaches…

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I was young, fit, very focused on my future, and full of hopes and dreams. Graduated college at the top of my class. I overcame every obstacle that got in the way of me achieving my dream career. 


Diagnosed With Multiple Sclerosis

This life-changing moment broadened my perspective on coaching. Prior to the diagnosis, my main focus with clients was solely on nutrition and weight training. Over the years, this journey expanded my outlook. I was healing and recovering not because I was eating perfectly or because my workouts were on point, it was because I was paying attention to my whole body. From this point on, I became obsessed with understanding the mind, body, and soul at a deeper level. Recognizing that all three categories are vital for optimal health was a game changer for me and my quality of life to this day. 

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From then till now  

I’ve been on a wild adventure, both personally and professionally. My biggest life curveball became the very thing that directed me to my purpose. And now, for over a decade, I’ve been supporting people through their own health and life journeys, teaching them how to navigate the hard stuff while still having an awesome freaking life! And it’s been such a fulfilling mission!

… to be continued