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Are you ready to make 2024 the year you take the next step in your health?

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I’m Krysta

A multi-skilled health, wellness & functional training coach based in Thunder Bay Ontario

In my approach, I strive to be welcoming, honest, and lighthearted as I assist my clients in living, finding, and embracing their true selves. My focus involves teaching people how their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are interconnected with the life they’re currently experiencing. Building upon this awareness, I help clients develop new internal thought patterns and habits, ultimately leading to more positive outcomes.

Throughout this journey, I act as a partner, meeting my clients where they are and understanding that each person is unique in their own right.

Education-wise, I hold multiple accreditations within the fitness and health industry. I’m a CBT-Fitness Health Coach with certifications from Precision Nutrition, Health Coach Alliance, and the Health Coach Institute.


Let’s work together


VIP TExt coaching

Efficient support when you need it the most. Access to strategic coaching from myself, each day.


1-to-1 coaching

The ultimate kick start to overhaul your health and lifestyle habits.


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An effective combo that both your body and mind will appreciate.

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If you’re not living the life you truly enjoy, then it’s time for change and growth

Coaching with me provides you with a trusting space to get really honest with yourself about what’s working and what’s not. I’ll meet you where you’re at, and together we’ll rewrite your narrative. This won’t be easy and will require you to be uncomfortable at times, but living a fulfilling life is worth it.